Solución del ejercicio sobre el uso de Much or Many

¿Ya completaste estas frases utilizando MUCH y MANY?… Si ya lo has hecho, verifica si tus respuestas son correctas con la siguiente solución:

    1. I have eaten so many ice-cream cones.
    1. We need many employees for the company.
    1. There are many accidents in this street.
    1. Have you had many cars in your life?
    1. Many exercises were very difficult.
    1. You didn’t do so much effort.
    1. I have many questions to ask you.
    1. Many workers took part in the new project.
    1. Paris has many places to visit.
  1. I have read many novels during the summer.

    1. So much wine were spoilt in the carpet.
    1. Many men were injured in the accident.
    1. There was so much rain last night during the concert.
    1. You can find much information in those books.
    1. You can do the exercise in many different ways.
    1. Many students hate doing the homework.
    1. Is there much milk in that carton?
    1. So many people know about your activities.
    1. It is necessary to have so much knowledge to solve the problem.
  1. I have lived in England for many years.