Solución del ejercicio sobre el uso de Much or Many (2)

En este ejercicio te proponíamos que completaras las oraciones con MUCH y MANY de manera correcta. Si ya lo has hecho, verifica tus respuestas con la solución que te ofrecemos a continuación:

    1. There wasn´t much traffic on the road.
    1. There is much noise outside the house.
    1. Many inhabitants have signed the petition.
    1. We could sell many tickets for the play.
    1. The teacher gave us much homework.
    1. I have much time to help you.
    1. I had much money in my wallet.
    1. In the meeting there will be so much food.
    1. Many people want a change.
  1. The President announced many new measures.

    1. Susan brought many desserts for the dinner.
    1. Many doctors have seen the patient.
    1. He didn’t take much luggage.
    1. There are many techniques to improve your voice tone.
    1. Many employees were on the strike.
    1. We found much mice in the house.
    1. I drank much soda in the party.
    1. There is so much smoke in this room.
    1. I had to eat many greens before leaving.
  1. I spent many weeks abroad.