Solución del ejercicio sobre Question Tags

Verifica que hayas realizado el siguiente ejercicio de la manera correcta, comparando tus frases con las oraciones que aquí te ofrecemos:

    1. He always loses money, doesn’t he?
    1. My father took the keys, didn’t he?
    1. He lives in London, doesn’t he?
    1. It is very cold, isn’t it?
    1. We are not going to sleep, are we?
    1. Your brother was very sorry, wasn’t he?
    1. They want to sell their house, don’t they?
    1. Your mother enjoyed the opera last night, didn’t she?
    1. This is a beautiful house, isn’t it?
  1. My sister never writes letters, doesn’t she?

    1. My cousin was wearing rubber boots, wasn’t he?
    1. You can not see that notice, can you?
    1. Jennifer was very surprised, wasn’t she?
    1. Tommy will be in Paris tomorrow, won’t he?
    1. Workers will go on strike the next week, won’t they?
    1. It is not a new car, is it?
    1. John did not learn English, did he?
    1. We are going to rent an apartment, aren’t we?
    1. Susan broke her glasses, didn’t she?
  1. The salesman showed an expensive dress, didn’t he?