Solución del ejercicio sobre Question Tags II

Si ya has realizado este ejercicio comprueba que lo hayas hecho del modo correcto con las siguientes frases.

    1. Peter has smoked ten cigarettes, hasn’t he?
    1. The party had not been funny, had it?
    1. She did not stay in Italy for two months, did she?
    1. John was not studying at the library, was he?
    1. She will be a good wife, won’t she?
    1. Sheyla never prepares dinner at night, doesn’t she?
    1. You would not spend your money at the casino, would you?
    1. Mike is in the lift, isn’t he?
    1. He will never be a good photographer, won’t he?
  1. There was a big parcel here, wasn’t it?

    1. Brian doesn’t like Mexican food, does he?
    1. You are going to paint the flat next week, aren’t you?
    1. You can not wait for the news, can you?
    1. There is enough food for twenty people, isn’t it?
    1. Frank is married, isn’t he?
    1. He had earned a lot of money this year, hadn’t he?
    1. The phone has been ringing the whole day, hasn’t it?
    1. Larice prefers dark skirts, doesn’t she?
    1. Mr. Thompson was very angry, wasn’t he?
  1. Mark did not go to work yesterday, did he?