Solución del ejercicio sobre Question Tags VI

¿Has realizado este ejercicio sobre Question tags?… Verifica tus respuestas con la siguiente solución:

    1. The nurse has cleaned the surgery room, hasn’t she?
      • doesn’t she?
      • hasn’t she?
      • isn’t she?
    1. My neighbours want to buy a dog, don’t they?
      • didn’t they?
      • don’t they?
      • do they?
    1. My father allowed the children to play in the garden, didn’t he?
      • is he?
      • hadn’t he?
      • didn’t he?
    1. You are considering the idea, aren’t you?
      • are you?
      • aren’t you?
      • weren’t you?
    1. Mary was writing an interesting book, wasn’t she?
      • was she?
      • did Mary?
      • wasn’t she?
    1. We will fix the roof on Monday, won’t we?
      • wouldn’t we?
      • won’t we?
      • weren’t we?
  1. George would not help his brother, would he?
    • won’t George?
    • would he?
    • will he?

    1. Axel and Kevin will not drink beer at the party, wil they?
      • didn’t they?
      • don’t they?
      • will they?
    1. Pupils had not done the homework, had they?
      • have they?
      • had they?
      • haven’t they?
    1. The boss does not sign the contract, does he?
      • does he?
      • did he?
      • is he?
    1. The dog bite you, didn’t it?
      • doesn’t it?
      • didn’t it?
      • isn’t it?
    1. Mike is singing badly, isn’t he?
      • wasn’t he?
      • is Mike?
      • isn’t he?
    1. John is not going to explain his problem, is he?
      • won’t he?
      • was he?
      • is he?
    1. Ann and Mike have not gone to work this morning, have they?
      • hadn’t they?
      • weren’t they?
      • have they?
  1. The secretary had ordered the papers, hadn’t she?
    • does she?
    • hadn’t she?
    • didn’t she?