Solución del ejercicio sobre Oraciones Condicionales de Segundo Tipo (3)

Luego de haber realizado el ejercicio sobre oraciones condicionales de segundo tipo, observa las soluciones que te ofrecemos a continuación:

    1. If she played the piano well, people would listen the concert.
    1. I would wake Brian up, if he asked me.
    1. If he lent me the money, I would give it back.
    1. Her neighbours would not complain, if she sweptthe sidewalk.
    1. If my sister felt very ill, my mother would take her to the hospital.
    1. The policeman would not stop you, if you did not drive so fast.
    1. If Tom wore dark clothes, they would not recognize him.
    1. My father would repair the roof, if my uncle lenthim the ladder.
    1. If the kids shook that bottle, they would break it.
  1. Michael would call me, if he had my telephone number.

    1. If you paid me the ticket, I would go with you to Moscow.
    1. John would learn the lesson, if he read the book.
    1. If she chose an expensive dress, her husband would not buy it.
    1. You would see better, if you turned on the light.
    1. If it started to rain, we would not go to the stadium.
    1. We would live in a mansion, if we were rich.
    1. If he were my friend, I would try to help him.
    1. I would be very happy, if I got a new job.
    1. If my daughter forgot her bag at the school, I would not buy a new one.
  1. My mother would annoy with me, if I did not invite her to the party.