Solución del ejercicio sobre Oraciones Condicionales de Primer Tipo (3)

Aquí tienes la solución al ejercicio sobre oraciones condicionales de primer tipo que te hemos ofrecido con anterioridad:

    1. If Amy Winehouse drinks a lot of wine, she will not know what to sing.
    1. If you leave the camp, you will not go back.
    1. You will save some money, if you go to work by bike.
    1. The boy will fall down, if he climbs the tree.
    1. If she does not refuse the offer, I will answer the questions.
    1. We will sign the contract, if she accepts the conditions.
    1. If Michael speaks several languages, he will find a good job.
    1. I will forget my umbrella, if I am in a hurry.
    1. If Mark and Brian steal the bank, they will runaway.
  1. You will not travel to USA, if you do not have your passport.

    1. If I find your keys, I will call you.
    1. If you reply my letter, I will appreciate it.
    1. I will leave a message, if you are not at home.
    1. She will pay extra money, if she carries so much luggage.
    1. If you miss the train, you will not arrive on time.
    1. We will enjoy our holidays, if we leave our kids at home.
    1. If Sheila trains everyday, she will lose weight.
    1. They will visit Canada in winter, if they like snow.
    1. If you go to the museum, you will enjoy it.
  1. You will see a great landscape, if you climb the mountain.