Solución del ejercicio sobre Oraciones Condicionales de Segundo Tipo

Para que puedas verificar si has realizado el siguiente ejercicio sobre el segundo tipo de oraciones condicionales de la manera correcta, aquí va la solución:

    1. If they used public transportation, they would save a lot of money.
    1. If you had time in the evenings, you would go to the cinema.
    1. If I were you, I would not spend all the money.
    1. If your friend were not so irritant, I would visit you.
    1. If my mother spoke less, I would enjoy the film.
    1. If you told me the truth, you would not haveproblems.
    1. If my brother asked for permission, my parentswould not annoy with him.
    1. If he ran fast, he would win the race.
    1. If he sent me an e-mail, I would answer it.
  1. If my sister did the housework, I would go shopping.

    1. If they climbed the mountain with a guide, theywould not lose.
    1. If you Knew him well, you would not lend money.
    1. If he gave a good excuse, I would forgive him.
    1. If the teacher explained the lesson, I would understand it.
    1. If the play were not so boring, I would not sleep at the theatre.
    1. If you lived in a foreign country, you would have problems with the language.
    1. If the workers went on strike, the manager would pay the salaries.
    1. If the clown disturbed me, I would kick him.
    1. If my credit card disappeared, I would call the police.
  1. If my boyfriend were jealous, I would not marrywith him.