Solución del ejercicio sobre Oraciones Condicionales de Tercer Tipo

Verifica si has realizado el ejercicio sobre el tercer tipo de oraciones condicionales de la manera correcta observando la solución que te ofrecemos a continuación:

    1. If I had got a good job, I would have moved to Rome.
    1. If she had told her father the truth, he would not have annoyed.
    1. If my mother had known the problem, she would have tried to solve it.
    1. If they had received the message, they would have arrived on time.
    1. If he had finished the work, he would have gone to the theatre.
    1. If I had lost the key, I would have waited you at the restaurant.
    1. If Peter had driven the car, I would not havetravelled with him.
    1. If my friend had been more intelligent, he would have known what to do.
    1. If my brother had called her, she would have forgiven him.
  1. If my father had met my boyfriend, they would have been good friends.

    1. If I had had money, I would have bought a new mobile phone.
    1. If I had stayed in a hotel, I would have spent a lot of money.
    1. If they had not destroyed the evidence, the policewould have found it.
    1. If you had paid the debt, I would not have hadfinancial problems.
    1. If the kids had not brushed their teeth, they would have visited the dentist.
    1. If I had lent him the book, he would have sold it.
    1. If Tom had climbed the tree, he would have fallendown.
    1. If Sam had not taken the bus, he would have missed the play.
    1. If Sally had learnt the song, she would have sungin the concert.
  1. If my sisters had behaved properly, they would have gone to the party.