Solución del ejercicio sobre Oraciones Condicionales de Tercer Tipo (3)

Aquí va la solución al ejercicio sobre oraciones condicionales del tercer tipo que te ofreciéramos en otra oportunidad. Verifica si lo has realizado de la manera correcta:

    1. If my father had bought fast food, I would have had dinner outside.
    1. If Tom had paid the fee, he would have gone to jail.
    1. If the police had arrived earlier, they would have caught the thieves.
    1. I you had done your homework, you would have gone to the party.
    1. If Susan had not worked on Saturday, she would have come to the cinema with us.
    1. If Peter had broken the glass, he would have fixedit.
    1. If Michael had known the secret, he would have told you.
    1. If Jane had not run inside the house, she would not have broken the lamp.
    1. If I had answered all the questions, I would have passed the test.
  1. If the problems had been easier, I would have solved them.

    1. If you had brought a present, my sister would have been very happy.
    1. If my mother had knit a sweater, she would have given it to you.
    1. If John had fixed the car, we would have gone to the concert.
    1. If my brother had cleaned his bedroom, he would not have been punished.
    1. If you had stayed at home, your friends would have visited you.
    1. If I had received the letter, I would not havetravelled to Spain.
    1. If Sally had not spent all the money, she would have bought a new car.
    1. If the workers had started the past month, theywould have finished.
    1. If Mary had sold a house, she would not have been fired.
  1. If the kids had played outside, an accident would have happened.