Ejercicios: Estructura de la oración

A continuación te proponemos que ordenes las siguientes frases de acuerdo con la estructura de la oración, por ejemplo:

basketball/on the weekends./in the street/Max and Peter/play
Max and Peter play basketball in the street on the weekends.

  • every month/to my parents/I/write/that live in Rome/a letter
  • studies/she/at home/during the night/the lesson
  • sends/every morning/a dozen roses/Peter/to my office
  • on Mondays/Sarah/in the same restaurant/has/lunch
  • washes/Jeff/outside/ in the morning/the car
  • wants/My boss/on his desk/the papers/right now
  • explains/different subjects/the teacher/everyday
  • offers/Egypt/in its surroundings/mysteries.
  • Sheila/to eat fruits/loves/in the evening/in her bedroom
  • enjoys/Mark/soccer/at the beach/playing/ during the day

  • products/to Paris/takes/every two days/the plane
  • the team/when Sam is present/the cup/ in its city/wins
  • only admits/at 5 pm/50 people/the train/in the station.
  • to the farm/during the morning/takes/my father/the cows.
  • during the class/George/several languages/speaks/at school.
  • appears/the UFO/in the sky/during the night.
  • wants/The Thompsons/to the beach/to go/during the summer.
  • prepare/we/when my brothers come/ a large dinner/ to our home.
  • in his house/Michael/rock and roll/every nights/dances.
  • destroys/when they are hanging/my socks/outside/the dog.