Solución del ejercicio sobre Some or Any (2)

¿Ya has completado estas oraciones utilizando correctamente SOME y ANY?… Verifica tus respuestas con la siguiente solución:

    1. Do you have any paper clips in the box?
    1. Some book will give you the answer.
    1. My son has to write some essays for tomorrow.
    1. He could hardly give any evidence.
    1. I brought some extra pencils for you.
    1. Some doctor will tell you that smoking is bad.
    1. There were some valuable paintings in the room.
    1. My sister speaks some French.
    1. You have some exercises to do tonight.
  1. Some of my friends are coming to visit me.

    1. I’d like to make a sandwich but there isn’t any bread.
    1. If you have some problem, just call me.
    1. I don’t want any pets in my house.
    1. Some of the questions were very difficult.
    1. There were some bugs on the pizza.
    1. Some of the books are broken.
    1. I couldn’t use any technique to solve the problem.
    1. Some plants need a lot of water.
    1. I haven’t got any idea about what happened yesterday.
  1. I didn’t understand any of the lectures.